The Majesty of Masai

Loyal, Gentle & Intelligent Companions


WheatEn & Red WheatEn from African Stock

Lovingly breed for temperament and appearance

Average Weight

70-100lbs female
80-115lbs male

Average Height

24-26″ female
25-27″ male

Our Ridgebacks Come From African Stock

These beautiful creatures display the distinctive “ridge” of this African breed — while enjoying some sun and relaxation.

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Rhodesian Ridgeback Heritage

From our family to yours since 2002

Ridgebacks have been in my family for 4 generations, I got my first one in 1979. In 2002 I imported my own unique dogs with the dream of breeding my own beautiful, loving & loyal animals.

Our dams and sires have been imported from South Africa, Slovakia and the United Kingdom.

Meet Our Dams & Sires



A member of a people of Kenya and Tanzania



From Serbian tajiti which means “to keep secret”



Copper has a beautiful red wheaton coat that glistens almost magically in the sun.



In Australian, Kyiah means “beautiful”, with an implication of “strength”.






Mycenaean epithet of the Greek goddess Hera



“Happiness has come”



In the Middle Ages, the falcon was regarded as a symbol of speed and courage.



Originating from the regions of northern Spain, Sierra means ‘mountain range’.



“From the Valley”

Our customers say we're

I have recently gotten my second Ridgeback puppy from Crystal. Both times she made the process as easy as possible. I had my puppies flown to me, and it was easier than I could have imagined. My dogs are beautiful. Choosing a puppy online made me nervous, but Crystal provided great pictures and personality profiles for each puppy. These dogs have wonderful personalities - outgoing, friendly, easy to train, and the most beautiful eyes. So now I have a 3 year old and a 3 month old. If I had the room I would have more!


April 17, 2017

Anyone who is looking to buy a ridgeback should definately talk to Crystal. She has been so great to work with. In Jan 2016 I bought a puppy from Crystal. It took few days to ship my puppy to California due to bad weather BUT Crystal was able to work with me and make everything possible to get him to me. when I picked him up from airport and being on a plane for many hours the puppy was little scared. By the second day he was playing with us and his toys and loves the attention he gets. Hes a very active and healthy little puppy and I thank Crystal very much for this. I would definately recommend Crystal to anyone looking for a ridgeback puppy. Thanks Crystal for being such a wonderful person to work with. 


February 20, 2016

Crystal is a professional breeder who takes the time to make sure everyone involved comes out happy. She answers daily questions and is extremely knowledgable of the breed and puppies in general. She is also very flexible and is willing to make sure the entire process conforms to your needs. You get photos from the very beginning to allow you to track the puppy's development all the way to your home. What more could you ask for? Leo is now a wonderful addition to our family and I have one person to thank. Thank you Crystal!


April 11, 2014

We just picked our puppy 2 days ago and we couldn't be happier. This is the first time purchasing a puppy this way and it was an absolutely smooth process. Crystal has been in constant contact with us and quickly answered all of our questions. The puppy is healthy, happy and beautiful. I would highly recommend this breeder.


May 28, 2016

Masai's Pride owner, Crystal, is so professional and knowledgeable regarding breeding and whelping. We couldn't have asked for a better dog or found a better breeder. Crystal kept us informed regarding our pup's birth and growth with pictures and information once a week. We live in California and I was lucky enough to meet both mom and dad. Both have nice temperaments and are perfect specimens. Our boy Rafa is exactly as she described his temperament to be. He is absolutely gorgeous and lovable, full of personality being both charming and funny, and he loves children and other dogs. He is pretty good regarding house training.


April 10, 2014

The New love of our lives

Blake as we named her is absolutely breathtaking. Crystal the owner took really good care of her and was a very easy process. I could tell from the minute i pulled into her home and met her family that my family and I were getting a quality dog. We are so blessed to have Blake in our family and can't thank Crystal enough for all she does and did for us.


April , 2014

Love my Masai ridgeback

While deployed to Afghanistan, I started my search for a ridgeback. I contacted the breeder via email, and right away I received a response. From there, we were in constant contact by email; any question or concern we had she was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. She continuously sent pictures and updates on the litter. We were not able to meet the puppies prior to picking one because of our location, so we sent her a description of our personality and lifestyle and she narrowed the choices down to 2 for us. It has been a year with Charli Belle our female ridgeback, and life couldn't be better. She is a beautiful 75 lb, black masked, dark red, princess. She gets along great with other dogs and loves her younger brother, a Shepard mix we rescued about 4 months ago. We couldn't have asked for a better dog and will definitely be getting all of our Rhodesians from the Masai Pride.


October 27, 2013

From a cautious skeptic to a true believer!

We found Masai's Pride Ridgebacks online and contacted the seller regarding a puppy. We were skeptical about purchasing a puppy from another state - trusting that the seller was legit and honest. As promised, the seller provided weekly updates and pictures. She also sent all of the flight details for us to pick up our puppy at the airport. Everything turned out exactly as the seller explained and promised. NOW, THE BEST PART -- this little girl is the smartest, sweetest puppy ever!! She went from the country to the big city of NY. She immediately knew to pee on the wee pads. The first night home, she grabbed her leash and brought it to us! We both thought it was a fluke - I mean, she had not even been here 24 hours! But, we took her outside anyway, and she went to the bathroom! We could not believe it! She was "potty-trained" by day 2. We are convinced she is the smartest little doggie ever! We love her very much! And, we love the seller for making it all possible.


October 4, 2013

We Love Crystal Burr!

Had a great experience dealing with this breeder , we are forever grateful that she was upfront and very honest and that's what made me go for this breeder after I spoke with her , and of course I had to put my faith in her being though I never met her face to face , and we both know how scary the Internet can be when you are purchasing animals, items ETC .. We are very satisfied with our baby RR and if I have to purchase another one in the future she would be the first person I call hands down and her puppies are Gorge ! The temperament of our baby is the greatest we could ever ask for ! I want to say again and again THANK YOU very much WE LOVE YOU CRYSTAL BURR / MASAI RIDGEBACKS Love Jasmine M xoxo


October 3, 2013

Makes the entire process a joy

Obtaining a puppy is an arduous process! Crystal, Masai's Pride Rhodesian Ridgebacks,is communicative, responsive and knowledgeable. I have an eight year old Ridgeback who is the king of the neighborhood! Have trained dogs for years and promised my family that the next, next next would stay home. Spent months looking and interviewing breeders and made the decision to trust Crystal. Rest assured that if you make the same choice you will not be disappointed. We received "Aza" at eight weeks and what a joy! He was temperament tested too. You'll not get that everywhere! If you are set on a Rhodesian and you know what you are getting into then I attest to this breeder and her program. Our new boy has all the physical attributes and character that I love in the breed. Final toast you will get pictures during the whelping process!


October 2, 2013

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"...he is a beautiful puppy with a great personality..."

- Matthew

"...gentle manored and very healthy!"

- Abbey

"...he came with his vaccination records, AKC registration papers, and a puppy contract."

- Spencer

"My Diesel is amazing - the best temperament of any dog ever."

- Mathieu


Rhodesian Ridgebacks are extremely loyal and intelligent creatures. Their moderate energy level means they are up for fun with the family but aren’t jumpy when things get exciting.

Known as the African Lion Hound, ridgebacks have a quiet, gentle temperament and rarely bark. 

This majestic breed was bred by farmers who needed a versatile hunting dog that could withstand the extreme temperature changes of the African bush, as well as survive when water rations got low, protect property and be a companion to the family.

As such, ridgebacks are extremely loyal to their family and are very protective.

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