Our puppies are absolutely adorable. After viewing these photos you may experience an uncontrollable desire to adopt one.

Why Masai?

health guarantee

2-Year Health Guarantee

Your puppy leaves us with a health exam, worming and up-to-date vaccinations. Puppies are guaranteed free from life threatening disease or congenial defect including dermoid sinus & hip dysplasia.

temperament seal

Temperament Guarantee

Each puppy is tested for temperament so that we can match them up with your family's needs. If your puppy isn't fitting the bill, we'll work together to get you the right one.


Minimal Shedding

Ridgebacks are extremely clean dogs with little odor and minimal shedding. Indoor ridgebacks shed a little year round, whereas one that's kept outdoors will have seasonal shedding. BONUS: They don't drool!

fit for show trophy

Fit For Show™

Our Rhodesian Ridgebacks are an excellent choice if you are looking to compete on the dog show circuit. They are AKC registered and excel in all categories from Agility to Obedience.

Masai Pride Ridgebacks

Getting Ready

Our mothers are under 24 hour video surveillance so that we are able to keep an eye on them while at work or running errands. When she appears to be close to birthing, we drop everything to be with her and offer assistance & comfort. Litters take around 12 hours to deliver and each puppy is born by my hands. First, we bring her to the middle of the house to maximize their exposure to the sounds & environment of our home. They remain in this setting until they are adopted. This ensures daily interaction with my children and helps the puppies develop a love of companionship.

How They're Raised

All of our puppies undergo the same treatment. They are well socialized & gently handled by myself and my children daily. We introduce them to the other dogs, various toys & the doggie door! By the time they leave us, they are accustomed to going outside via the doggie door to ‘do their business’.

Temperament Testing

Temperament testing allows us to match the perfect puppy for your family, based on your needs. While we’re interacting with each litter we document which puppies are the most laid back, the most curious, the most observant, the smartest, which is more of a follower or more of an explorer. All of our puppies are adorable, so temperament testing helps you decide which one is right for your family.