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Why Masai?

Rhodesian Ridgebacks have been a part of our family since 1979.

Our Rhodesian Ridgebacks

A “Renaissance hound” whose hallmark is the ridge of backward hair on his back.

Cherished family dogs made famous in its native Africa for its skill at tracking and baying lions.

Faithful friends, protective of their loved ones and affectionate with those whom they trust.

Fast and powerful athletes coming in several brilliant shades of wheaten – from pale flaxen to the harvest time burnished red Masai Pride Ridgebacks are known for. Dressed with lovely black noses (and occasionally brown).

Health & Nutrition

Exceptional breeding since 2002.

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Health Certified

Every puppy leaves our home with a clean bill of health. That's our guarantee.


Strong-willed and confident, these extremely loyal, intelligent dogs are energetic without being high strung. To get the most from this family-oriented breed you and your new pet should attend obedience training. Rhodesian Ridgebacks love to please their owners (but they need to be taught exactly what it is that will please you!) Otherwise, they’ll try to figure it out themselves!



Rhodesian Ridgebacks are a relatively low-maintenance breed. They don’t shed much and enjoy being clean. Breed to withstand the temperature variations of the wild, African tundra, these beautiful, loving creatures excel everything from obedience to agility and are excellent show animals. You’ll also find they do quite well as service & therapy dogs and are sought for use in search & rescue.

Our Breeding Family

Beautiful creatures

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Breeding Schedule

Current due dates

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Our Mission

At Masai Pride Ridgebacks we breed more than just the perfect puppy. Our responsible breeding practices set us apart from ‘puppy mills’. The individual care and affection each of our puppies receives ensures your home will welcome a beautiful, healthy, devoted and eager to please member to your tribe. Our sires and dams are not just ‘breeding stock’ but are beloved members of our own family. Carefully selected and planned line breeding methods are used to cultivate the most desired traits and present puppies with consistently pleasing temperament and appearance.

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